In the first of a series aimed at revealing more about the team at Lees Associates, we chat to partner, Andrew Paulson.


What got you into architecture originally?

As a child I was always happiest when constructing things, whether it was assembling “houses” from rearranged furniture draped with rugs or building dens in the woods out of whatever I could find.

As I grew older this love of shaping environments developed into a passion for designing fantasy houses. I would sit at my desk for hours on end drawing and re-designing homes. Later I took this to another level and re-planned my entire home town!

By the age of 12 I had no doubt that architecture was my calling.

Describe your role at Lees Associates

I am one of two partners, leading our talented team of architects and designers on all of our prime residential renovation, fit-out and new-build projects throughout the world. It is an honour to be part of such a strong and dynamic team of individuals, all united by their passion for delivering the highest quality of service and design.


Where do your particular passions, skills and interests lie?

I am dedicated to extracting the maximum value out of a project; finding the sweet-spot of giving the client everything they want (and regularly more) at a price that works for them while increasing the asset value substantially. 


What do you enjoy most about what you do?

The satisfaction at the end of a project of handing over a home to a client that I know they will love.


Which project are you most proud of? 

Having to choose your favourite project is like having to choose your favourite child! But of my heritage work I am especially proud of the work we did at Dixton Manor in the Cotswolds and, of our more contemporary work, overseeing the fit-out of one of the penthouses at One Hyde Park was a huge privilege.


What are you plans for the future? 

We are already a successful independently-resourced, operationally-efficient practice, recognised as reliable and trustworthy, and known as progressive signature architects and curators of design for clients with the highest aspirations. I will continue to grow the practice beyond the foundations that our founder laid during his 30 years at the helm, into London’s premium high-end architectural practice across all of our core sectors of residential, retail, commercial and hospitality.