A unique development in an area of outstanding natural beauty.

Set within a unique forest in Moscow, the site sits in an area of outstanding natural beauty. Surrounded by Corsican Pines and enveloped by a river, the site offered an ideal opportunity to design a sequence of buildings that explore the natural setting to its fullest.



The scheme responded to the clients requirement for a natural, modern, organic open space. Lees Associates used the natural slope of the site to merge the main three-storey house into the landscape.

The proposals create a space with a great deal of flexibility, making use of an abundance of natural light. Lees Associates designed a unique roof structure which allows light to enter at a high level through a multi-layered, triple panel glazed structure that responds to both daylight and temperature levels. Large motorised screens assist with environmental comfort.  Each glass panel is set at a slightly different angle to reflect light and add to the magical effect of this forest hideaway.